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Tiger Tots

Tiger Tots Our certified LITTLE TIGER TOTS PROGRAMS have been carefully developed for children ages 31/2 through Pre-K to introduce and reinforce the important life lessons you want them to learn. We start with fun, promote teamwork, and friendship to create and develop strong individuality and the self esteem necessary to succeed . Learn more...

Jr Kids

Tiger Tots Give your child our award-winning program for the foundation to succeed. Not only do our students have fun, they get in great shape, learn valuable self-defense skills, and priceless character development lessons, while earning rewards for their achievements. Our "Specialized Personal Development and Life Skills Program" and certified Kid Smart "Amberwatch Be Safe" Program will develop the self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in anything they do while surpassing their peers and safely navigating social interactions! Learn more...

Teens & Adults

Reach for somthing more with our martial arts training. Find strength you didn't know you had. We'll teach you how to discipline your mind, strengthen your body, face life's tough decisions, and conquer every obstacle for success. Our professional Black Belt instructors will get you there. Learn more...


5 Reasons Every Adult Should Be Enrolled in Karate Of The Woodlands

Have you ever thought:

  • Wow, I’d really like to learn how to defend myself.
  • I’d really like to get in better shape.
  • I’d like to be more confident
  • I’d like to learn some of those cool moves in karate.
  • I’d like to be more disciplined
  • I’d like to learn how to manage and reduce stress
...well let me tell you a little about - KARATE Perhaps you’ve thought of Karate as one of those secret skills available only to an expert few. If so, you’ve a surprise in store when you visit our studio. Karate is amazingly easy to learn; the teachers are black belt professionals trained in methods designed by Chuck Norris, world professional Karate Champion, and first member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Our Black Belt teachers are trained in the physical, mental and emotional requirements needed to introduce students to this remarkable system of self-fulfillment. Under their practiced hands, you’ll master skills you thought impossible. Self defense is as much a mental attitude as it is physical prowess. Only part of any battle is knocking an attacker down. It’s much more important to learn to stand up for yourself. 

Call it coordination, confidence, or just plain courage, Karate teaches children and adults to physically fend for themselves. After only a few lessons, a new assurance develops, self-discipline increases, attitude improves, and fears diminish. You’ll learn in a bright, modern, mirrored studio. You’ll stand tall with new poise and improved physical tone. Best of all, you’ll feel that unpleasant fear of physical attack slipping away. Dark streets and corridors, deserted buildings and parking lots lose their menace.

No one is exempt from the menace of criminal attack, but Karate is the one skill that everyone from five to sixty can learn. Whether or not you ever use the techniques learned, you’ll have reclaimed the right to a full active life. You’ll shop, stroll and enjoy night activities, armed with the secret knowledge of your own ability to stay of out harm’s way. Bring your anxieties out into the light of day. And conquer them with the one secret stronger than fear. That’s Karate the KARATE OF THE WOODLANDS way.

Karate of the Woodlands Helps You Get in Shape, Lose Weight, Improve Flexibility, Coordination And Stamina:

You can expect major changes in your body with our classes. You’ll burn tons of calories, build muscle, and in general get your metabolism kicked into high gear. Our work-outs are a great way to help you shed those unwanted pounds. Additionally, you’ll reshape your body. Your arms, legs and waistline are going to become more toned...stick with it long enough and you may even develop those six pack abs everyone longs for!

Karate of the Woodlands Improves Your Health, Reduces Stress and Tension:

Our Karate lessons will dramatically improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health. Your resting heart rate will come down and your ability to maintain an increased heart rate will increase. You’ll breathe better, sleep better, and even feel an increase in energy and effectiveness all day long. You may even discover you're more resistant to colds and flu. Plus even when you do become sick, your recovery time will be better than ever. Karate is a terrific for relieving stress and tension in the body. Go home after class feeling refreshed instead of carrying your problems of the day in your head and in your body.

Karate of the Woodlands Instills Positive Attitudes:

Our programs are designed to be positive and inspirational. We’ll keep you motivated and thinking about progress and goals. Our staff and students are all success oriented and focused on looking for the good in all situations. You can expect to go home from class with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Learn simple techniques for living the life you always dreamed of and of reaching whatever goals you desire.

Karate of the Woodlands Develops Self–Confidence:

It’s true, adults who take Karate Lessons from karate of the Woodlands develop self-confidence. You’ll be encouraged to take chances, to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. The success you experience in through our program teaches them to you and that you can be successful at anything if you truly BELIEVE you can. Improved confidence leads to better performance at work, a better circle of friends, better performance in sports and in extracurricular activities in general. Your improved self-confidence will help you deal with all of life’s challenges with a more positive outlook.

Karate of the Woodlands teaches Self-Defense:

Karate of the Woodlands teaches two forms of self-defense. One is physical - you will improve your strength, flexibility and overall health. Additionally, you will learn to strike with tremendous power and effectiveness. Hopefully, you will never need to fight, but should the occasion arise, shouldn’t everyone know how to protect themselves? The second form of self-defense is internal. Our students learn to spot danger and avoid dangerous people, places and activities. Karate Lessons at Karate Of The Woodlands in the The Woodlands, TX can help you avoid the need for physical confrontation. This second form of self-defense is perhaps the most valuable of the two.

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Call us for a FREE class!!!

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